CU Talk

CU Talk allows members to access their account information through any touch-tone phone. This free, automated voice system is available 24/7.

CU Talk features:

With CU Talk you can:

CU Talk Menus - Dial 310-834-6414 and follow the audio prompts

Once you select the “inquire on accounts” option the system will list every account that you are either a primary or joint account holder on. When you hear the name or account type that you are looking for, follow the prompts to select that account and access account information such as: Your account balance, your last 6 withdrawals, your last 6 deposits, your most recent ATM transactions and much more.

To access CU TALK call, 310.834.6411 or 866-4ILWUCU and Press 5 or connect directly by calling 310.834.6414.