Pay A Friend

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Pay a Friend is a person-to-person payment (P2P) feature that is a secure, simple way to send and receive money between friends, family, or just about anyone! Whether it’s paying allowance, splitting the check, or sending a birthday gift, Pay a Friend allows you to quickly transfer money from your ILWU Credit Union Checking account to almost anybody.

With Pay a Friend, you can transfer funds to a person through Online or Mobile Banking. All you need is their email address or mobile phone number. The funds are transferred from your ILWU Credit Union checking account via your debit card.

Set up your recipient in the Pay a Friend section of Online banking. Add your ILWU Credit Union Debit Card number and the recipient's contact information.

Your friend will receive an email or text message notifying them that money has been sent with instructions on how to retrieve it. They can choose to use their debit card or their financial institution's routing number and account number to accept the payment.

Pay A Friend is fast, easy and secure.

Get started today!

1. Log into Online Banking or the Mobile App from your Apple or Android device
2. Click "Transactions" from the Main Menu Tab then select "Pay a Friend"
3. Read and accept the Pay a Friend Terms & Conditions, then just follow the steps
4. You will need to enter your ILWU Credit Union Debit Card number and PIN to process the transaction.

Start using Pay a Friend today for all of your payment needs. If you have any questions regarding Pay a Friend, please see the FAQs or call 866.445.9828, during normal business hours.