ILWU Credit Union

Cancel Debit Card
To access CUTALK call: 310-834-6411 or 866-4ILWUCU - and press 5.
Or: 310-834-6414 (direct to CUTALK)

*Say "VOICE" then "HEY MAX", you will now be able to talk as if you were at the teller window.

Say: Report stolen (or lost) my Debit Card
The system will prompt you for additional information - you can speak the information or push the phone buttons.

* OR you can use the Touch Tone method. Once you have reached the banking system.


                        Press 1 (touch tone prompt menu)
                        Press 4 (More Choices)
                        Press 1 (Report Lost/Stolen)
             The system will then prompt you for additional information.

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