Important Information about Your Login ID for Online Banking

ILWU Credit Union strives to provide the maximum security on all your accounts. As technology makes it easier to access your account, we want to ensure your information is protected. In the near future, you will no longer be able to login to Online or Mobile Banking using your account number. You will be required to change your Login ID to something other than your account number. PLEASE NOTE: You are only changing your Login ID, NOT your password.

In the coming weeks, you will automatically be prompted to provide a unique Login ID (Username) when logging into Online or Mobile banking. Please use the following guidelines when creating a new Login ID:

Once you receive the message prompt to change your Login ID, you can skip the request 3 times before you will be required to change your Login ID to continue into Online Banking. Please note that once you update your Login ID, you may need to register your computer or mobile device again.

If you need assistance or have additional questions, please contact a Member Service Representative at 1.866.445.9828 during normal business hours.