ATM Card Skimming is on the Rise

ATM skimming is a fraud scam when criminals try to capture Debit card numbers by attaching an illegal card-reading device (skimmer) on a legitimate ATM or POS (Point of Sale) terminal. Hidden cameras or a keypad overlay are usually used in conjunction with skimming devices so they can capture your PIN as well. These criminals can then use your card number and PIN to create duplicate cards and basically wipe out your account.

Criminals have also been known to install skimming devices at gas pumps, stores, and other locations. To avoid detection, they often install the devices and remove them after a short period of time. Fraudulent transactions using information from skimmed cards may take days, weeks or months to occur.

Tips to help avoid becoming a victim of a Skimming device:

Tips When Using a Fuel Pump

Fuel pump skimmers are usually attached in the internal wiring of the machine and aren’t visible to the customer. The skimming devices store data to be downloaded or wirelessly transferred later.

Card skimming has affected financial institutions everywhere.  Skimming devices can come in many forms and are difficult to detect. To protect yourself from ATM skimmers, please take extra caution when using ATMs. If you suspect that you’re a victim of ATM skimming, please notify us right away.

If you have any questions, speak to a Member Services Representative at 866.4ILWUCU.

ATM Skimming image